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This is a pretty vital mod for Tanks - Taunt buddy - basically it relays in raid chat if your taunt has been resisted,
This is mandatory for any warrior who acts as MT/OT in a CAF run.
(it can be turned off and on easliy)

Tank spec is essential. If you're DPS specced, expect to get squeezed out future raids - you're not going to
out DPS rogues or a Mage, and we'll (almost) always take a tank spec over a DPS spec.

From this point Warrior Officer Review and Input Needed!

Hican I have spend like 200 or 300 gold on respecs :) i have been all builds, full arms, full fury, full prot, hybrids, etc. but the best overall build for tanking is in my opinion the following:

I will explain for each tree why i took the skills. Arms tree: Deflection is logic i think, since it raises your parry chance, so less damage. Improved Heroic strike i took, so i can use heroic more often (since it costs less rage). Heroic gains very much aggro for those who don't know. It is a good attack after a sunder to go high on the aggro list.

Fury tree: I took cruelty instead of booming voice, since i think the +crit is more efficient then the area of effect increase. And for those who don't know... critical hits makes you gain aggro too!! Thats why a heavily fury/crit specced warrior can tank very, very well too. Since he gains alot of aggro by doing heavy crits all the time and can taunt/sunder along with it. But if you are not top geared, then protection specced is wiser (this on a side note). Unbridled wrath is very effective imho. You gain actually quite alot of rage because of this skill. The +% increase in demorilizing shout isn't effective imho. And then the most important skill, why i went into the fury tree --> Piercing Howl. You just NEED this skill when you go to BWL. Since my old guild did BWL alot, i needed this skill for the Razorgore attempts. You have to crowd control the mobs and that is easily done with piercing howl.

Protection tree: Common sense i think. All the best aggro control skills and damage reduction skills are there. Improved shield block only needs 1 point instead of 3, you just have to time it right. You don't need improved rage, since bosses can't be stunned. Improved bloodrage is useless for a tank, since my rage bar builds up so quickly i can't even clear it :) when you get hit for 1000, your bar is almost full instantly. Last stand is useless. I had a build with this talent, but the only time i used it was pure as a life saver and 9 out of 10 times it was a whipe at that point, because healers had no mana or were dead. If the CD would be on 3mins instead of 10 it might had been usefull. Shield slam ftw :) it just gains a shitload of aggro.

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