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OK so heres some advices for End Game Instances (meaning orders):

1) Remember to stack up with [Symbols of Kings] before raid. Everyone who runs out of them before I (Broomwald)do. I will skin you alive and send you crawling to get more

2)Remember to LISTEN what Raidleader or your ClassOfficers tells you

3) Avoid all unnecesary emote/raidchat spam, iīm sure that your trip to Silithus to grind rep was interesting but raid really isnīt the place for that story

4) Don't DI unnecessarily. If we wipe because you have decided to play around with DI "cause itīs fun to see Emberpyro being stuck, i kick you from the raid and demote you that instant.

5) Anyone not obeying the classleader or raidleader will be kicked from the raid without moment of hesitation

Obey these rules and you will be safe ;) if you donīt...well thats not my tear to be shed.


Due the current arsing around in raids and slacking, i will start monitoring your doings in raid (trust me i have the neccesary things to do it) and those i find being far behind will get a warning. 1 warning thats all u get. Then comes demote and if that doesnt straighten you up Avarice has no need for you anymore. So think about this before you start watching telly while you raid.

contactEpochries, or Longe? if u have any questions

A must for everyone Including you: Decursive & Raid Assist

Epochries's list of must-have Paladin mods:
Here are a list of mods that i have found while ive been playing wow that i think would benefiet pallys:


Most of you have it i think, its a quick and easy addon that lets you select a buff, then click on all classes that you want to buff with that selected buff. the difference wit hthe version i found was that it let you rpeset different buffs per class and has quick functions to quickly set all classes to the same buff etc. there is a macro used to pull up the menu. The command to open the menu (i bound it to a macro) is "/gb".


As the name suggests, this addon is aimed at making DI'ing easier and less time consuming. instead of taking wasting time on looking for the right class to DI and then looking who is actually alive, one click of a button (macro) and this addon will select a target with the ability to ressurect and automatically DI them for you, saving valuable time for yourself, and theoretically the whole raid. The command to activate the auto DI (can be bound to a macro) is "/ei"


Extremely usefull addon as any daily decurser will tell you (maybe not for much longer but thats not the point). This addon lets you see all of the people/pets in your party/raid that have been cursed by something that you can remove. it is EXTREMELY USEFUL (and i will /cry when it no longer works) The macro to spam decurse on ppl is "/decursive"


Not such a needed thing as something that you might find helpful, this addon bunches together you single buffs and greater buffs, aswell as you seals into 2 circles. The middle of the circle tells you how many symbols you have left. Left clicking on the middle of it will change the selection of single buffs to greater buffs and vica versa, while right clickign the center of it will activate your hearthstone. Also on the center of the seal one, pressing the middle will judge the seal you have clicked. Command for the options is "/hh". this allows you to enable and disable specific parts

this mod also has an in build mount button that will automatically activate your fastest possible mount. (warhorse/charger). if you are in aq40 it will also automatically change to you aq mount. i installed it for the fact that it takes up ALOT less room than having all of the single and greater buffs on the side of my screen, leaving me move room for CT_RAID player lists making it easier for me to heal

Tigerfist's guide for paladins (updated for WOTLK):

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