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Latest WoW Addons

Required Addons

Always get the latest versions of these addons. We recommend using WoWmatrix, updating all your addons automatically!

Other usefull / working Addons

  • Atlasloot-enhanced v2-03-04 - Easy to use loot linker for bosses/ raids Download Here
  • Auctioneer 4.0.1 - Saves average prices on the AH and how many times items have been seen Download Here
  • Critline 4.1 - A crit record recorder for damage/healing, also records highest non-crit Download Here
  • Gatherer - Records all gatherable item locations. Also shares it with guild members Download Here
  • GatherSync (reloaded) v1.6 - Syncs your Gather database with the guild/party/raid Download Here
  • Itemrack 1.991 - An addon that lets you quickly swap preset gear selections (helps makes raids faster) Download Here
  • SW Stats V2.0.4 - A raid and party damage/healing etc meter Download Here
  • XRS r34255 - An addon for raids to show in raid chat what buffs people need from mages/preists/druids Download Here

If you have any suggestions for this page, please tell me in game/vent and i will update it for you :)

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Page last modified on August 18, 2008, at 03:45 AM