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As you all know there are alot people who tries to steal wow accounts to sell items and/or delete char after transfer. It would be bad if it happen to anyone, so lets start to help protect our guild members :-).

For the ones with 2 left hands they can follow this steps beneath in order to get a minimum protection against hackers.

I have found one of the best tool( I think =p) for removing keyloggers etc. and keep your computer protected :"AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 (It was called "Ewido" nog so long ago)

You can Download it here : ( This is a 30 day trial - read further if you are intrested in full version )

  • Press "download" , save it to a known place (like desktop) and run the setup.
  • Choose your language
  • Follow the next steps, it isnt too hard :-)
  • You can start the program directly after finishing the setup (you can deselect that option if you dont want to)

Once installed you can leave the confifuration and scan immediately or configure it your own way(only for advanced users :P) Its recommended to press the update button on the main page to be protected against the very newest threats.

Scan your computer by pressing "Scan now" on the status page(main page)

  • Choose "Complete system scan" if its your first time otherwise you can use "fast system scan"

Once finished you can select all threats(if you have any) and right click on it and choose : "delete on reboot". Then the program will prompt you to restart system to delete the infections, do that.

This program has also a live protection funtion to keep your computer safe, anyhow its 30-day trial, you can buy it online from the same site.

Hope this will help you all! :-)

For the ones who wants to use the program longer then 30 days but doesnt want to pay OR have any other questions/comments, contact me : I might have a solution for it ;-)

EmberPyro Also try to avoid ie, it's like the difference between windows and macs, people tend to write things exploiting the most used programs or OSes, so lots of things exploit internet explorer holes. I use Opera ( but there're a number of other browsers out there. Ayera--> Firefox ftw =p (

If you want to check if you've already got the keylogger then go to task manager (ctrl+shift+esc) and check for the process svch0st.exe (as opposed to the good file svchost.exe). If you find it running end the process and then run a search and delete the exe file (I think it saves to your /windows/system32 folder but I'm unsure on that). If you do find the process then I recommend going and changing your password immediately, though you're probably safe if you save your username as they won't be able to log the name to go with the password.

Ayera UPDATE --> Also take a look in this beautiful guide :

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Page last modified on February 25, 2008, at 04:49 AM