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10 Man

	* Bastion of Twilight - 4/4
  	* Blackwing Descent - 5/6
  	* Throne of the Four Winds - 2/2  

Yes we are Recruiting!


1st March
Al'akir down!

17th February
After a night of everyone AFKing as much as they could, we finally got Cho'gall. Fail loot though. But we remembered kill pic this time! Rejoice! (Never enough Spirys in one kill pic)

20th January
Chimaeron died pretty easily easily that we forgot the kill pic. :$

17th January
Atramedes down, w00t. Liith ninjaed my trinket though. *cries* It'd better drop next week or I'll sulk. :P Pix when I'm back home rather than on campus at uni. The Council pix will be up this weekend if people remind me... >.>

10th January
Had some goes on Atramedes a few days ago, managed to get him under 50% but decided to have a go at Ascendent Council instead, and after a few initial problems we got avoiding bad stuff and getting good stuff down to a fine art. And my trinket dropped. :D Though I was burned heavily. :( Pix when I'm back home!

1st January
After taking down all the "farm" bosses this week last night (NYE raiding ftw!) we got down Valiona and Theralion tonight. This puts us at half the bosses in each raid downed (with the exception of BH which we do as a guild :P). Attramedes is next on the kill list!

28th December
I suck at remembering news downed Conclave of Wind last night (would've been the previous night but for some PC issues >.<). Then tonight we downed Maloriak. We had a look at Atramedes too (poor ickle whelp :( ) but only had a couple of goes before raid time. Apparently the urge to bang the gongs is too much for people to resist, so just need to train people not to just bang them randomly and we'll be fine, I think. ;) Kill pix incoming when Adam's given them to me, as I'm still on the ProjectorGames PC and thus don't have anything to edit the pictures down properly (no, I'm not using mspaint :P).

23rd December
So after a 10% best attempt last night, we went back to Magmaw and got him down in a couple of goes. GJ everyone! On the other hand, we couldn't then go kill anyone else as we had the grand total of one tank online, so if you happen to be a tank reading this, or have a friend who's a tank, please app or make your friend app! ;) (PS. The Omno pic will be up at some point, I don't have anything installed with which to resize the pic, and I'm not putting it up at *checks* 1920x1200. ;) )

20th December
Omnotron (should so be Omni, silly Blizz!) went down tonight. Sorry for the slowness of the update, I'll get a pic up soonish, just wanted to get this news post up first while I remembered! The day after we killed Omno we had a few attempts at Magmaw, got him to <40%, should hopefully get him tonight as that's just another two zomg-DPS phases to get through before he dies, I think! ^_^

19th December
I've culled all previous news because no-one cares about pre-Cata stuff anymore. If you do care, feel free to click the History link in the top right. So, we finally actually had a proper group for raiding all online at the same time, and killed Halfus Wyrmbreaker, w00t.

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