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Carly would like to know how she can add pictures. :)

You just add the link (you can easily see how to do something by clicking "edit" and seeing what they did in the edit box :))

<Adeleigh> Is the red button for the kittie launch pad that this cat is so conviently sleeping on? 5 4 3 2 1 MEOW ! :D

Apostle Aww What A Cute Core Hound...err i mean kitten :D, seriously...from what you guys have told me how "horrible" it is, its quite cute to be honest :D

Apostle I were just scrolling through pictures and found it and thought it'd do good in here, ^^

<Adeleigh> On the note of cats, found this.

EmberPyro Adeleigh is teh mean.

Ayera When i was scouting Feralas I did go up to the twin colussus and jumped down, very nice effect u should do it too ^^ More pics available, mail me ;)

Here's Geldar, one of the Hunter officers =) Pretty old picture though ^^

EmberPyro You look like you belong in an anime :D

Dawson Anyone else worried about the weapons on the wall?!?
Adeleigh I didnt even notice that, I was too fixated on the hair.
KelvinFrost God, I didn't notice all the weapons either O.o
Aphroditie? O.o
Ayera Nice weapons, is it epix? GIEV!

Broomwald I told ya!

Broomwald I saw this the other day and thought about all the cat persons

now something for the dog ppl

Love, Ember ;P

Abilyne? That's so funny :D dogs ftw.. wonder how they got it to fit.. mm my bunny is named Fluffy :P

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