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Q) How many DKP do I have?


Q) Why aren't I there?

A) Because you haven't told us! There're lots of people, and only a few of us. Let an officer or council member know.

Q) Can I be guild [insert trade here]?

A) Check the guild information in WoW, if there's not already someone assigned, ask an officer or council member.

Q) WTS....

A) Things should be given to the guild, not sold. If it's something worth hundreds of gold, you could always sell for half the price to a guildie if you feel that giving it away is beyond your generosity ;)

Q) Can someone run me through....?

A) You may be lucky and find a ready and willing higher level, however, being twinked through instances is a good way to avoid learning those things about playing in a party that everyone else learns on the way up. Being twinked gets a little hard towards level 50 or so, which means you'll have to learn very fast ;). Quite often you'll find that there are about 3 guildies all looking to be run through a certain instance, now, this may be pointing out the obvious, but why don't you form a party with them? Our guild is much more interested in experienced level 50's than noob level 60's!

Q) Can I have a promote?

A) The rules for a promote from "new person" to member are very simple - if you ask, and we recognise your name in any way other than "oh, that's the twat we meant to kick last week for ninjaing" then you're likely to get it! :P

Promotion to Raid Initiate requires joining the Guild on a large raid. Promotion to Officer is rare, and Council rarer. Promotions to these levels will generally be done on censensus from all council and officers. Promotion to Raid Member is simple, tho - read Raid Initiates

Q) Who is my Class Officer?

A) Class Officers

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