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Save your innervate for Priests.

i'm so sick of the whole Innervate the priest. WE KNOW FFS OMG

KelvinFrost A few druids innervated themselves in a recent fight, leading to the priests running out of mana.

only times i have innervated myself is when killing small fry and i forgot to drink

aww! come on! druids can innervate themselves too! :D try not to be nubs and don't teach people to play their class if you are hunter FFS ! :D

KelvinFrost I don't know who you are, as you are posting this fairly anonymously, but druids shouldn't be innervating themselves. Whilst they can heal, Priests are more efficient, and tend to have larger mana pools and greater spirit.

I think they can innervate themselves when killing trash mobs it doesn't matter really then cause then allways ppl have mana and like i said before you forgot to drink or something like that

EmberPyro during trash mobs is fine, people shouldn't need the healing then anyway, so you may as well use it, it's only got a little CD! but during boss fights you should innervate priests. For a start they get more of a benefit from it, as they get more mana regen from spirit than druids do (priests get 13 + spi/4 whereas druids get 15 + spi/5) so they get more mana back from innervate. Also, I think priest heals tend to be more efficient because of the reduced mana cost talents in the holy tree (I may be wrong on this one, so don't shoot me if I am ;) ).

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Page last modified on August 08, 2006, at 08:26 AM