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DKP - Putting guild progression ahead of personal greed

New members joining the guild start at 0 DKP.

From then on, every run gives points according to its importance which you can obtain if the raid starts on time, or by staying till the end.

	* 25 man raids (excluding Naxx, OS, and Maly) - 640 DKP
	* 10 man raids (excluding Naxx, OS, and Maly) - 1600 DKP

A raid must have an officer or council member along to count unless permission is gained from an officer for a raid member to take DKP bids.


	*Leaving the guild applies a 500 DKP penalty (non refundable if you change your mind)
	*Not running requested mods forfeits any bonuses for the instance, and you may be forbidden from bidding.

Please note I will start enforcing this rule very soon

Abitrary fines may be levelled for offences including ignoring raid chat, leaving without warning nor explanation, ninjaing. Please see the full guild rules on the DKP site.


	*Introducing a new member to the guild who makes it to full Raid Member status is dependant on their class.
	*Being on time - This grants you one quarter the DKP for the instance.
	*Being present at the end of the raid - three quarters  of the DKP for the instance added.
	*If you swap out for someone else at the raid leaders request you still gain the final bonus.
	* If you recruit a new Guild member who then ranks from Raid Initiate to Raid Member, you get a bonus.
	* It is down to YOU to contact EmberPyro when that person makes raid member, and ask for your DKP.
	* Taking down a boss for the first time - 800 dkp


        * Having no flasks/elixirs during a raid.
        * Ignoring officers if they ask you to do something. (May end up being a guild kick).


	*Minimum bid in a 25 man instance is 1600
        *Minimum bid in a 10 man instance is 640
	*If no bids are received on an item, it will normally be disenchanted if BoP, otherwise it goes to the guild bank.
	*When you bid on an item, you will be instructed who to direct your bid to - generally the lootmaster, unless that person is also rolling. 
	*You may not bid more than your DKP total. If you have less than the minimum DKP, you may go into negative DKP by bidding minimum.
        * The amount the winner wins by is either his bid, or, if this is more than 1000 DKP more than the second highest bid, he wins with the second highest bid plus 1000. (For example if the winner bid 3000, and the second highest bid was 1600, the winner would win with 2600.)

Incremental Upgrades

	*If an item is decided to be an incremental upgrade (or, worse, a downgrade), then your bid may be discounted, in favour of someone who needs the gear more.
	*Gear outside your spec may also be discounted (Tanking weapons for PVP warriors, Healing gear for Shadow Priests, Balance gear for Feral druids
	*Even if no other bids are received, the item may still be disenchanted for the end-game enchanting reagents it will provide (Void Crystals, etc)

Skipping Gear

	*If you attempt to overgear too fast, your bid may be discarded.
	*This is to force people not to get pulled through instances until the bit of gear they're *really* after drops, but to steadily improve their gear overall


	*A player with the emblems for an item will win a bid over someone without. This reflects the extra time the more dedicated player has put in to gain these emblems.  


When you join the guild, or, for current members, enter your first raid, you are a Raid Initiates.

There is no difference in bidding between Raid Initiates and Raid Members. I.e. whomever bids most wins, regardless of rank.

All current officers and council members are full Raid Members, not ranked above them.

DKP Degradation

Starting Monday 14th March 2008 automated DKP Degradation will occur. The rules are simple:

If you do not raid for 14 days you will start losing 10% DKP per day. To stop losing DKP simply join a raid.

If you are going on holiday or have work commitments that will stop you raiding reliably for a specific length of time let us know and we can add an exception.

In the unlikely even you are regularly available for raids but can't get in the group talk to us. We will review the situation and may grant an exception.



Please add notes down here!

DKP is rounded up to tidy the tables.

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